Readers attention req. - Google Analytics activation

Andrea Barontini · November 14, 2021

Dear reader,

I’m writing this post to inform you that from late evening of November 13th, 2021 Google Analytics has been activated on I kept it disabled when I opened the site on March 2021, because of a maximalist attitude towards privacy; however I have been missing a way to get feedback about visits, so the present decision.

This blog doesn’t explicitly collect any visitors’ information, while of course some “technological” data is inevitably provided using it, e.g. the source IP and some browser infos. So my educated guess is that reading this site isn’t more harmful to privacy than generic Internet navigation, but if you don’t agree I can suggest you to contact me to check together if a different balance can be reached; if that’s not an option, at least you know the terms to be able to decide if (sadly) stop reading this blog… hope not!

Further changes regarding these topics will be highlighted by future posts like this one and/or on page Hereabouts.

Thanks for being here, regards

Andrea Baro

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