aka Andrea Barontini

Hi, thanks for reaching out to me! Condensed in just one headline, I’m an IT and networking professional, crypto & blockchain enthusiastic, science and tech hungry guy.

A bit longer, I’m one of those late-70ies guys grown up with C=64 and Lego bricks, cutting his fingertips due to unfriendly frames of 90ies x86 assembled PCs, geek about technology and deeply fashinated by theoretical physics. I work as network specialist in the IT staff of an university, and I spend a large amount of my spare time cultivating my interests. Here it is a self-portrait of me, from 90ies ;)

Baro in the 90ies

Online I’m active (with various degrees of involvement) on many platforms: this domain has to be intended as my own service-agnostic contents container, and as authoritative public entry point to reach me. Its name comes from early 90ies as well (what’s better than teenagehood?!): “Baro” was -and still is- my nickname since high school times, given the local habit to obtain them shortening surnames.

Contact infos: