Introducing TSS: The Salmon Series

Andrea Barontini · August 25, 2022

Since 2020 I’m studying Monero inner workings and producing infographics from my personal notes to give back my contribution to cryptocurrency documentation.

It wasn’t originally planned, but at the time of this post (after about two years and four cheatsheets) I can say that produced documents share a common family-style, based on arranging stuff trying to maximize the “density” of conceptually valuable information, and consistent graphic choices (e.g. boxed subsections, recurring colours palette representing notes or properties nature/degrees, …).

So I think it’s right to consider them as a unique ongoing effort. I have decided to call it The Salmon Series because the used colors remember me salmon browning during cooking :-) and to reserve the permanent, specific web space as privileged entry point for the project on this site.

Hope you will be able to enjoy the existing and future contents from this new “holistic” point of view and appreciate the minor site changes needed to accomodate the new organization.

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