Zero-Knowledge Basics Cheatsheet

Andrea Barontini · June 23, 2022

After the previous cheatsheets about Monero Addresses, Ring Signatures, Monero’s RingCT, the intention was to write the next one about Bulletproof (the “to be continued…” of the third infographic). However very soon it has been clear that Zero Knowledge Proofs theory is mandatory to have a comprehensive understanding about how BP works (apart from being a very interesting field by itself, laying foundations for many cool techs): so I have authored and uploaded on GitHub this new cheatsheet, as a step of an ongoing documentation effort.

I have tried to not miss the basic core concepts despite the simplified approach and topics selection, stressing ideas more than formalism: the merit of this cheatsheet, if any, is trying to represent an at-hand, concise, first bridge between theoretical foundations and applications developers approaching this world (not necessarily cryptography professionals). Of course this kind of resource cannot be a rigorous reference, but authoritative sources that I have consulted are listed (just a few names: Goldreich, Green, Lindell), to let the interested reader dig deeper: definitely not an easy task, but worth the study the cited sources require.

Even if this poster stems from a specific, Monero-related documentation work, it’s agnostic and dealing only with theory without any reference to actual projects: so of more general interest, I hope.

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