The Foundations of Cryptography's LaTeX-ized ERRATA

Andrea Barontini · November 13, 2021

Errata from the Oded Goldreich’s two volumes companion web pages, edited in a LaTeX document available in one of my GitHub repos (PDF also provided).

From the Foreword:

Errata are an often neglected part of books life-cycle, even if they are what keeps contents alive and valuable through years. Luckily the insightful Foundations of Cryptography by Oded Goldreich doesn’t miss the point, however while reading it as autodidact I have been desiring a bit more formatting than what is possible by means of a plain web page interleaved with some un-compiled LaTeX code. So I have copied & pasted List of Corrections from the volumes companion pages ( and, retrieved on Oct 26th, 2021) and slightly edited them -without modifying contents- to take advantage of some reader-oriented commodities: […]

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